Various Artists

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Woodbury Ski area


Alpha Blondie

Big Mountain

Boom Shaka

Victor Essiet

Burning Spear

Various other artists

Beres & Buju


Ijahman Levy

Inner Circle


Joe Hill at Toads

Justin Hinds and me

Luciano & Dean



Boom Shaka at Woodbury Ski area. 8-98
Big Mountain in Concert 6/99
Alpha Blondy in Concert 8/98
Beres and Buju Live in Concert 7/99
Justin Hinds signing CD's and the Meditations Singing 8/99
Ijahman Levi, the Itals and the Congos   

Afire and Alpha Blondy at Woodbury Ski area  

Victor Essiet and the Mandators in concert 6/99  

Inner Circle at Toads Place 6-21-1998
Inner Circle at Toads Place 6-21-1998
Congos live at N.E. Reggae Festival July 25, 1999
Culture- Joe Hill at Toads Place 6-9-1998
Burning Spear at Toads Place 7-13-1998
Luciano at Toads Place 2-11-1999

  Burning Spear at the Hudson River Festival 9/97

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